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Beck Orchestra Friends - Founded June 2019

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The people in orchestra, we are like a family we support each other no matter what!
- Gabrielly S, violinist 
Orchestra is the most fun, crazy and exciting thing ever with the most amazing teachers and the fun ways they teach! 
- Sarah Hviolist

Beck Orchestra Friends

has supplied the orchestra students with various opportunities over the past 2 years since it's inception.  In particular, last school year 2020-2021, BOF had generously supplied moving blankets for FALL CONCERT to help with protecting the gym floor AND the acoustics for  good first performance!
Numerous volunteer hours have gone into helping the directors with the start of the year supplies pickup, 2 concerts in the first semester, and looking ahead to spring!  

Beck Orchestra Friends Officers

President - Ginny Ebben

VP Fundraising - Jian Li

VP Treasurer - Minerva Aleman Feldman

Secretary - Amye Webster

Volunteer Coordinator - Carissa Helms

Communications Chair - Juliann Pelton

2020-2021 Membership

  •  Ed & Robin Acevedo (Nicole Acevedo)
  • Rick and Stephanie Bell (Jack Bell)
  • The Chi Family (Annabelle Chi)
  • Jin Lee (Ethan Hong)
  • The Nelsen Family (Elliott Nelsen)
  • Thanh & Charles Taylor (Trevor Taylor)
  • The Webster Family (John Webster)
  • Sijia Yu and Qi Zhang (Lucas Zhang)
  • Michael Castillo
  •  The Finnegan Family (Maggie Finnegan)
  • Mathew & Angela LeDoux (Dani LeDoux)
  • Eunae Lee (Joy Lee)
  • Jian Mi (Anne Li)
  • The Muralidharan Family (Ameya Muralidharan)
  • Travis and Rachel Pape (Lily Pape)
  • Youngbeom Kim (Tevin Park)
  • Charles & Hong Soule (Kaitlyn Soule)
  • Wan and Yun Yi (June Yi)
  • Rachel Yun Family
  •  Peter Lee Family