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String Family


The violin is the highest sounding instrument of the string family. Here are Beck students playing the violin
Maggie F. -Honors Orchestra
Anne L. -Honors Orchestra
Jasmin R. -Philharmonic Orchestra
You NEED to be in ORCHESTRA or else you will have BOREDOM in your life!
Aly N. -Philharmonic Orchestra
Orchestra is something you’ll very much enjoy doing in your first year here. The teachers & other students are very chill & will help you with almost everything you need. Once you step in the room, you’ll be more than excited to learn what’s in Orchestra! 😃😃
Nikolas P. -First Year Orchestra

Annabelle C. -Honors Orchestra
Orchestra is like a family with brothers and sisters that all come together. It gives it a really nice feeling and we get to enjoy things we do together while making music.
String Family


The viola is the instrument of the string family that resonates closely to the human voice. Here are Beck students playing the viola.
Sarah P. -First Year Orchestra
Joy L. -Honors Orchestra
Mario B. -First Year Orchestra
Orchestra is special because I love music, I love listening to music (rap, classical), I love playing music, such as the viola & piano. Music is the best!
Faith L. -First Year Orchestra
Trust your heart. the orchestra teachers are the best and will teach you anything you need to know!
Mark B. -Chamber Orchestra
Felipe T. -Symphony Orchestra
If you like something fun, mildly chaotic and have an interest in music, orchestra is your way to go! The fact that it’s such a fun environment being around a group of people with your same musical interest that you can just unwind with!
String Family


The cello has the largest range of the string family, playing low and high. Since the cello is large, the school offers a school instrument usage so you don't have to lug one back and forth, instead you have your rental at home and a school cello at school. Here are Beck students playing the cello.
Knox N. -First Year Orchestra
Sophie C. -Honors Orchestra
Isabella R. -Philharmonic
Orchestra is not only special because of the welcoming environment, but because it’s a place where you can really connect with music and with yourself! That’s what makes it unique. Prepare yourself for an amazing musical journey!
Dana R. -Chamber Orchestra
Definitely what makes orchestra special for me is the opportunity to meet new friends that’ll always support you no matter what you do. On a serious note, I don’t know what I would do without my orchestra friends. I chose orchestra because of the escape from reality it brings me. Every time I pick up my cello, all of my anxiety drifts away and all I can hear is the sound and rhythm of the cello, it really brings a euphoric feeling to me.
Lucy E. -Chamber Orchestra
Music is awesome, and it’s so rewarding to be able to create that awesome music yourself. Mrs Nelsen and Ms Cho are also amazing and they work so well together; they are hands down the best teachers ever.
String Family

Double Bass

The bass is the most versatile instrument playing many genres of music (classical, jazz, blue grass, rock, etc.) and having many different names (bass, upright bass, string bass, double bass, etc.). Since the bass is quite large, the school offers a school instrument usage so you don't have to lug one back and forth; instead you have your rental at home and a school bass at school. If you are interested in the bass, don't hesitate to reach out - there are some viable options to help you get setup! Here are Beck students playing the bass.
Madeleine R. -Symphony Orchestra
Ameya M. -Honors Orchestra
Orchestra is a place where I can be myself and where I share interests with other students. I also playing music and listening to music.
Zamir H. -Symphony Orchestra
Join Orchestra... You wont regret it!